White Pine Winery

Southwest Michigan Winery and tasting room

Hello and Happy Holidays from your friends at White Pine! The holidays are here and it’s time to enjoy the fruits of our labors with our friends and family.

Harvest is behind us but the cellar is still very busy.  The new white wines have been racked from fermentation tanks to help them clear and stabilize for bottling in spring. Our reserve reds will be barreled – down soon so they can begin the wonderful evolution (elevage in French) from coarse young wines to graceful, elegant wines that will reward years of aging.

The 2022 vintage was the third in a string of great vintages. If you recall, we had a cold, late spring with no really warm weather until early May. As much as we all wanted warmer weather, the cool weather was perfect for all of the fruit in Michigan in that it delayed but burst and bloom until after the risk of frost had passed.

That resulted in a bumper crop of every kind of fruit from blueberries, to peaches to apples and grapes.  The growing season started later than most in recent years and that pushed all of the events in a grapevines annual calendar later in the season – like bloom, fruit – set, veraison and harvest. With later ripening the fruit ripened under perfect, cool conditions with warm, sunny days, and cool, crisp autumn nights in late September through early October.  The resulting fruit and wine’s are already showing signs of greatness and we can’t wait to share them with you!

The holidays are here and we have some great wines for you to share with your family and friends at meals, as gifts or just to enjoy a glass of great wine together.  We always recommend our Reserve Riesling for Thanksgiving dinner. It pairs well with everything on the table and is easy to enjoy no matter your wine preference. It is only 11% alcohol with just a hint of sweetness to brighten the vibrant fruit flavors. If it’s a red wine you’re after we suggest our Merlot reserve or Cabernet franc reserve.  Both are classic cool – climate reds that pair perfectly with many foods.  Our wines also make great gifts!

St Joe has some great holiday traditions that you won’t want to miss:

Light Up The Bluff and Window Wonderland : Friday, December 2nd – Light Up The Bluff at 6 PM; Window Wonderland at 7 PM

Reindog Parade: December 3rd at 3 PM

We are open Christmas Eve from noon to 4 PM and New Year’s Eve from noon to 4 PM.


Wine tastes better with friends. Schedule a group tasting.