White Pine Winery

Southwest Michigan Winery and tasting room

Winemaking Data

Our Ice Wine is produced from Vidal Blanc harvested in the critical range of 18-20° F and then pressed at that temperature. The juice is warmed to 60° F and inoculated with a double the normal amount of yeast to insure fermentation. The fermentation is quite slow and proceeds for 6 to 8 weeks due to the stressful conditions for the yeast. When fermentation completes, the wine is settled, racked and cold stabilized. A final, polishing filtration is performed before bottling this wonder of nature. Minimal handling insures the concentrated fruit flavors and aromas are retained in the bottle.

 Tech Data

wpw icewineAppellation: Lake Michigan Shore
Alcohol: 10.5% pH: 3.75 TA: 11.4
Residual Sugar: 22.5%
Aging: Stainless Steel Closure: Cork
Case production: 90

Tasting Notes

The classic dessert wine is produced from grapes naturally frozen in the vineyard in the old-world tradition. Intense aromas and flavors of honey, pineapple and apricot dance in an amber liquid more like nectar than wine. This is dessert in a glass that you want to savor sip, by sip. An ethereal experience you won’t forget!


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