White Pine Winery

Southwest Michigan Winery and tasting room

Winemaking Data

Chardonnay grapes were hand harvested at Arrowhead Vineyards on September 29th. The fruit was destemmed and crushed and allowed 2 hours of skin contact. Gentle pressing to tanks encouraged settling of grape solids. Clear juice was racked to a stainless steel fermenter after 48 hours. CY 3079 yeast was used to inoculate the must. The fermenting must was racked to used, French oak barrels to ferment. The finished wine was aged sur-lie in the barrels for 7 months with regular batonage or stirring of the lees and topping. The wine was racked to tank, settled and then filtered for bottling.

 Tech Data

Appellation: Lake Michigan Shore
Alcohol: 12% pH: 3.40 TA: 5.8 g/L
Residual Sugar: 0.2%
Aging: Neutral oak barrels Closure: Cork
Case production: 55

Tasting Notes

Complex aroma of apple, pear, fig and hints of fresh bread. Rich on the palate with good acid for balance. Light but complex, each sip begs another. Pair with seafood, pork, or your favorite soft cheese. The character of Michigan’s cool climate shows through in this classic wine.


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