White Pine Winery

Southwest Michigan Winery and tasting room

Winemaking Data

Traminette was machine harvested during cool, morning conditions and transported to the winery where it was quickly destemmed and crushed. Light press juice was chilled and settled for 24 hours, then racked to ferment in a stainless steel tank. The fermentation was kept cool to retain fruit aromas and preceded to dryness over 7 days with Epernay 2 yeast. The finished wine was racked and naturally cold stabilized followed by a polishing filtration. The finished wine was sweetened to 3.4% residual sugar prior to bottling to enhance the expression of fruit flavors on the palate.

2015TraminetteTech Data

Appellation: Lake Michigan Shore
Alcohol: 12.2% pH: 3.21 TA: 6.8
Residual Sugar: 3.4%
Aging: Stainless Steel Closure: Cork
Case production: 110

Tasting Notes

A cross with Gewurztraminer, Traminette shows off with intense aromas of apricot, orange zest and honeysuckle like its well-known parent. The flavors pop with a hint of sweetness that leads to a satisfyingly long finish.


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