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Holiday Wines at White Pine Winery

The holidays are a time when we reconnect with family and friends. They are a time when we slow down to relax and enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures.  Food and wine are often at the center of our gatherings and area timeless part of the holidays.  It seems that every family has their own food traditions but often times, when it comes to wine, we Americans are unsure about which wines to select.


Our first rule of wine selection for any time is: Drink what you like!  Don’t let someone else tell you the wine you like is too sweet, too dry, not the right variety or from the right place.  Choose what you like and share it with others.


Second, keep it simple.  If you prefer white wines than that’s what you should purchase. The same is true for red wine, blush wine or sparkling wine.  If you are overwhelmed by the choices at the local store, ask to speak with someone who is familiar with the wine selection. Every store has someone on staff who is happy to help you find that perfect wine.


Finally, spend what you are comfortable spending. Period.


At White Pine we have several wines that are tried and true holiday favorites: 


Effervescence is our sparkling wine that is made from 100% Chardonnay. It is bottle-fermented in the age-old style that produces tiny bubbles, subtle flavors and a creamy palate. It is finished crisp and dry and pairs perfectly with cheeses and light appetizers to begin your event.  Sparkling wine is always a good choice for celebrations with festive bubbles to welcome friends and family. 


Reserve Riesling is a classic that goes with everything on the Thanksgiving or Christmas table.  It satisfies the wine connoisseur because of its classic style; it’s satisfying to both sweet and dry wine enthusiasts because it is only slightly sweet.  As a “stop – fermentation” style, it is low in alcohol and its fruity flavor and balanced acidity are the perfect pairing with holiday foods.


Dune Shadow Red is our fruit – driven, every day red that satisfies a broad range of palates.  It’s medium – bodied and silky smooth so it won’t overpower the Thanksgiving turkey and goes perfectly with a Christmas Ham.  A glass by a roaring fire on a cold winter night is a great way to celebrate the season.


Mulled Wine: Made using Red Expression and our own special recipe mulling spice, this is a holiday favorite. Have a batch warming when your guests arrive and the aroma will put them in the holiday mood.  Sharing a glass warms from the inside and the flavors remind us why this wine is always in style.


Ice Wine for Dessert. After dinner enjoy a small glass of Ice Wine with dessert (or if you don’t have room for pie you can substitute Ice Wine for dessert!).  Ice Wine is not an everyday wine because it is so extraordinarily sweet and rich.  But on a special day like this, a little indulgence is just what you need to complete your holiday meal.


Happy Holidays!

From your Friends at White Pine Winery