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Harvest 2012

Harvest 2012 at White Pine Winery

It has been a really strange year for weather.  March had temperatures more like May with highs in the 80’s and overnight lows in the 60’s for more than a week.  That made all the trees and vines start growing much earlier than usual and led to one of the most devastating frost events in history in April.  Cherries, apples, peaches and juice grapes crops were reduced by 80% or more.  Fortunately for us wine maker’s, wine grapes bud out later than those other crops and there by  avoided damage.  The growing season had an early start which means it has been a long season. The heat this summer advanced growth even more so that wine grape harvest is one of the earliest in memory.  The draught in May through July hurt many field crops but really did not harm grapevines.  In fact grapevines like dry conditions.  The dry weather came at a time when the berries were growing and caused them to be very small this year.  Small berries have a greater amount of skin to juice than big berries and because many of the flavors and aromas are in the skins, small berries lead to intensely flavored wines, and deep color in reds.  It is conditions like we are experiencing this year that have led to some of the best vintages in history in Europe!  Needless to say we are excited about the wines this year.  We believe this going to be another in a string of exceptional vintages in Michigan and will provide us with award winning wines that will let the world know we are serious contenders when it comes to wines.  Mark your calendars to try out these wines in 2013.  In the meantime...Stop by the tasting room for harvests updates while you enjoy our past efforts that are drinking very nicely now!


Dr. Dave