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Thanksgiving Wines


With Thanksgiving just around the corner lots of folks are thinking about what wines go best with the holiday feast.  There are a couple of simple rules to follow when purchasing wine to go with a meal.  First, the weight of the wine should complement the weight of the food – light wines should go with light foods.  Second, wine flavors should complement the flavors of the food.  So light, delicate wines go with light delicate foods and more flavorful wines go with more flavorful foods.  Finally, for a meal like Thanksgiving one should choose a wine that will please the range of palates seated at the table.  That usually means there will be a range of wine consuming experience from the serious wine connoisseur to the occasional wine drinker with little wine knowledge.  First, remember that Thanksgiving is a Holiday celebration and celebrations are best with Bubbly!  Our new sparkling wine, Effervescence, is a bottle-fermented sparkler made with 100% Chardonnay and finished dry and crisp. The "pop" of the cork is the perfect start for the festivities. Once dinner time rolls around I go to the Reserve Riesling as the wine of choice for Thanksgiving as it satisfies all my choices: it’s white and light so is the perfect accompaniment to poultry; it’s fruity and a little spicy so it can stand up to a sage dressing or cranberry / orange sauce but not overpower the turkey and potatoes; and, finally, it has just a hint of sweetness so it pleases the person who only is willing to drink sweet wines and the sweetness is balanced with acidity in a classic Riesling style to please the true connoisseur.

If one is looking for a completely dry wine the Dry Riesling is an excellent choice in that it compliments Thanksgiving fare beautifully while having no sugar. If you are a red wine fan I always suggest something on the light and fruity side so it doesn't overpower the food.  Dune Shadow Red is our dry red blend that's fruit forward, soft and supple. Red Expression has a hint of sweetness and is light, fruity and satisfying. It also makes a delicious, warm, mulled wine with a bit of cinnamon, clove, allspice and orange zest (we have packets ready to go in the tasting room;)).  Both will show nicely with your Thanksgiving feast!

For dessert there is only one choice and that is Ice Wine.  A small glass with a slice of pumpkin pie and whipped cream is pure heaven.  Go ahead and try it if you don’t believe me.  If you are having dinner at someone elses house the Ice Wine makes the perfect gift for the hosts.

Remember, Michigan Rieslings and Ice Wines are among the finest in the world!  You will simply not find better examples of these wines anywhere.  So why not support the local growers and stop in for a taste?  We’ll keep some cold for you!


Dr Dave Miller

5 November 2013